Qusai Hussein killed by US Troops in Iraq


Qusai Hussein killed by US Troops in Iraq (1)

Qusai Hussein killed by US Troops in Iraq (2)

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4 Responses

  1. Debra Turner says:

    People of Color know the REAL REASON why the United States Killed These Presidents of Color: You can lie all you want to. But Black People Know Why The US Did So! Yet and Still No One rom r There Is Able To Come Here And Wipe Out The Un-Just Presidents Here in
    The USA. The US Makes Itself look pretty bad, from people f color prespective. You Do NOT Allow To Happen What You Visit Onto Other Countries of Color To happen. How Hipocritical can you get. You will Reap What You Sow, the End; No Matter what you Think
    will happen to you. We Already Know what you are thinking right about now; The Most Evil On High Right Now, Sad To Say But So True
    We Are Even Aware Of the People Perpurtrating the Entire United States, and have been for a long while now!

    • Jeff says:

      Debra, please go appologize to the trees that work so hard to produce the oxygen you are obviously wasting….. a man of “color”

  2. Jamie lorber says:

    Debra, you are an illiterate racist idiot. Shut your MOUF fool. Damn some of you people are dumb.

  3. Michelle says:

    They were killed because they were monsters. Raped young girls and les thru FEAR. Everything is NOT about race, it’s GOOD vs EVIL

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