Marilyn Manson police mugshot

Marilyn Manson police mugshot

Singer Marilyn Manson was arrested Dec. 27, 1994, after he allegedly exposed himself on stage at a concert in Jacksonville, Fla. He was charged with violating the local adult entertainment code, which prohibits nudity in clubs where alcohol is served. Manson has written about the episode in his book, The Long Hard Road Out of Hell, describing his night in jail as essentially a political punishment from a pro-Baptist police force. The record indicates that, after several court appearances, he paid a $100 fine. Manson, however, wrote that charges were dropped due to lack of evidence — indeed, the police report is ambiguous as to whether Manson was actually nude on stage or simply appeared to be nude due to a stage prop, described in the report as “a simulated black penis.” Both claims may be true: In misdemeanor cases, charges are often dropped after a small fine is paid. The defendant’s record is then expunged. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement listed no criminal record for Manson as of March 2000.

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